The Outdoors - Ben Lawers, Perthshire

‘Inspiring spaces’ means outdoors as well as in. The good news is that you don’t have to be a property magnate to enjoy what’s freely available to all. Be adventure-ready by making up a grab-and-go crate, and make the most of every opportunity to get out there. When you find the right spot and put your crate down you are making your mark on the landscape and nature will graciously give back with enduring memories of precious time out from everyday business.

Take a notebook, a sketch pad, a pencil - and freely scribble. Take a book, a blanket and flask - and lose yourself in a story. Take provisions, a stove and a pan - it’ll taste more meaningful when you’ve immersed yourself in the process. 

You don’t need much, so put thought and care into acquiring things you love.
— Homer

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