Single-use-plastics BOYCOTT

Call it the Blue Planet wake-up call, here at Homer we're making a stand


What we buy in to sell :  products that help consumers make good decisions :

  • light weight stainless steel water bottles
  • paper straws
  • broom-root and coir pot scrubbers
  • bamboo picnic/party plates and bamboo cutlery
  • bees-wrap food storage
  • natural-bristles-and-wood household brushes
  • eco-friendly toiletries
  • cotton/wool/linen/jute/recycled textiles
  • rugs made from recycled plastic bottles


Auditing our suppliers

  • we won't reorder items packed with polystyrene
  • we will ask our suppliers for their company environmental policy


What we use to wrap up purchases :

  • Yes to packing paper - (recycled from our bookshop inward deliveries)
  • Yes to paper bags - (on rare occasion customer doesn't have their own)
  • Yes to recycled cardboard boxes - (from goods inward)
  • Yes to old blankets used for furniture deliveries
  • Yes to recycled plastic bags
  • No to new bubblewrap - only use recycled pieces
  • No to new shrink wrap - use up (sparingly) existing supplies, then no more