Homer is a homeware and lifestyle brand, with stores based in Aberfeldy and Edinburgh.

Homer is about creating happy homes

We set up Homer in Aberfeldy some ten years ago, and following its success opened another branch in Edinburgh. The business works happily in tandem with the Watermill next door, so customers will see ourselves and staff flitting between the two, guiding customers around the labyrinth and plugging gaps at lunchtime!

When I was little, I made dens. Fast forward fifty years and I’m still that person, arranging, rearranging and now building grown-up dens. The look and feel of things has always driven me to find ‘the right thing’ for a space. I hope that my creative thinking and leg work, sourcing from far and wide, will help you find that ‘perfect something’.~ Jayne Ramage 

Products sourced with care

Keeping things dynamic

Our Locations

At Homer we aim to give you choice and quality. We delight in helping you find ‘just the right thing’. Our stock changes with the seasons to keep our offering fresh and interesting. Each piece is carefully sourced. We work with Scottish designers and we often commission exclusive products.

Whenever you visit our stores, you’re sure to find something exciting and different. Our ranges of Scot-Scandi and Classic furniture upholstered in our exclusive tweeds is going from strength to strength. To complement our chairs, we now sell Homer exclusive tweed cushions. Each season we continue to add new designs and colours to our tweed range.

Homer in Aberfeldy sits alongside the award-winning Watermill bookstore. It is housed in an old stone barn, in a tranquil setting.

Homer in Edinburgh is set in a very different context, just off the busy Queen Street. It is housed in a typical New Town building, with five classic Georgian rooms, broadly themed the kitchen, library, bedroom, living room and shed.

For us, this sense of place is an important part of the shopping experience. 



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