Green Cleaning


Green Cleaning – Healthy Bodies and Healthy Homes
OK First, I’ll come clean, metaphorically speaking. Being bit of a hippy, I try to work on the principle that my body, and home, are temples of purity.  Okay, a bit over-stretched that comment, but I do try and keep it natural as possible.

And now it seems the American Food and Drug Administration have finally spoken out against the use of chemicals in cleaning products. Perhaps here in the UK there’s too much heed to the profits of big-pharma. Rather than wait for an official line from British health officials, l strongly suggest you take action now to strip out potentially damaging chemicals from your home.

What’s my beef?   Laboratory chemicals (eg triclosan) disrupt the delicate balance of our bodies – they can affect our hormones, our auto-immune systems, our resistance to bacteria and are potentially carcinogenic. Hardly a price worth paying for keeping clean? Moreover, it’s now been recognised that all these lotions and potions are no more effective than good old soap and water.

Last year I visited a traditional, and genuine, blacksoap factory in the south of France where the magic of olives transmutes to amazing cleaning products.  The Marius Fabre brand is iconic across the Channel.  I strongly recommend you try it.


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