New Season - Spring 2019

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz …

We’re always excited to launch a new Spring season here in Homer. All the old cliches - renewal, fresh start, new buds. So, we’re luxuriating in a palette of greens, gorse yellow, and a classy range of honeyed browns.

We have munro-heights of cushion stacks, woollen throws in every hue, and highly instagrammable tableware (which you can also eat off).

Taking our eco-credentials seriously, and wanting to do our bit for the planet, we are stocked with lots of household alternatives to plastic, and you, Dear Customers have responded enthusiastically. Thank you.

Lastly, I took a young member of staff to the Spring trade fair who helped keep my energy levels up for the day’s serious spending. As a sop, I agreed to add joss sticks, (which I could still smell on my hippy clothes from the 70’s). And blow me, they’re flying out. Peace and love to All, in these extraordinary times.


image3 (3).jpeg