An Illuminating Candle Guide

to light up dark nights


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Candles ~

The Danes know their candles and you can't achieve hygge without a flickering flame, or two.  We buy our candle stock fom the hygge professionals -  Broste Copenhagen. Their candles are superb quality: non-drip, they burn cleanly and are hand-made using cold-press moulds. This Danish company has been selling candles since the 60's and make, we think, the best candles commercially available.  Broste take their eco credentials seriously, (which of course  is always good).

Hygge is the warm, cosy feeling - simply achieved from making the most of life - being with friends, walking in the woods and snuggling up by a fire.

Nice to know...

 Broste make both paraffin and stearin candles.  What’s the difference?

 Paraffin wax is an oil-based product. Broste use a fully refined paraffin wax approved for use in the food and medical industries, fully compliant with strict safety regulations.  Cheaper candles imported from outside the EU are more likely to use poorer quality wax that will emit toxic chemicals. Broste use plaited cotton thread to form the candlewick. (cheaper candles are often found to use lead coating in the wick, despite a worldwide ban on its use for obvious reasons).

 Stearin wax is a harder, more opaque wax, made from plant and/or animal fats.  It burns more cleanly than paraffin.  The Broste 100% pure stearin candles are marked with the “SWAN” label, the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries.

 Scented wax candles sold in Homer are made in the UK, under the Broste label, using paraffin wax and soy wax with added perfume.

 Beeswax candles sold in Homer are made by Margaret, one of our Aberfeldy regular customers, who has kept bees for decades.  They smell divine, (a subtle natural honeyed scent) and burn very hot and cleanly. 


We have a large range of different shapes and sizes of candles in Homer. Visit to see our full range that includes: pillar candles, stick candles, classic church candles, hurricane candles, hand-dipped tapered candles, floating globe candles, 'trend’ candles - eg 'pine cones', 'logs' and 'pebbles', tea lights, outdoor 'beacon' candles


  • Classic white
  • Ivory
  • Linen
  • Dark linen
  • Dusty blue
  • Nordic blue
  • Sea green
  • Christmas red
  • Burgundy

 When it’s dark and cold outside, there’s nothing more hyggeligt than dotting your home with candles. 




Carolynne Alexandercandles