UPDATE:  Staff member Marion, her husband, Henry and their two sons are all on site next week, shifting and lifting furniture, 'dressing' the houses, and putting up curtains.  We will be posting lots of images here next week.  The Homer fit-out is courtesy of our dedicated staff team and our generous customers.  We are proud to be playing our role in this magnificent project.  Look out for coverage in the regional and national news, featuring our 'make-overs'.  We hope to keep in touch with the first residents so that they can give us any pointers we need to consider going forward.

We still have some items that are needed.  If you are able to make a donation please ring us on 01887 820802 / 0131 225 3168 and we can guide you as to what is still needed, within a wide spectrum of price.  Remember, you buy at half retail price.

WHAT DROVE US TO BEING INVOLVED?  Well, everyone deserves a home.  It doesn't have to be a palace but it needs to be safe, robust and bedded into a community.  

This project has grown from grassroots.  It is not a substitute for state responsibility, more a demonstration that many of us want to help and feel that not enough is being done.  

 Prototype in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh - August 2017

Prototype in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh - August 2017