Everyone deserves a home.  It doesn't have to be a palace but it needs to be safe, robust and bedded into a community.  The Social Bite Village - eleven 'Nest Houses' and a community hub - will be based in Leith early next Spring.  Tenants will be selected by the Social Bite Committee, from their work with homeless men and women in Edinburgh.  The community will be supported, in terms of welfare, practical aid and mentoring.  

This project has grown from grassroots.  It is not a substitute for state responsibility, more a demonstration that many of us want to help and feel that not enough is being done.  Even if this project does not in itself solve the housing crisis, it is something, and an important something.  Homer is contributing £24,000 worth of furniture and textiles, and we we invite our customers to help out with purchasing the little bits and pieces that make a house a home.

Please ask staff in our shops which pieces you can buy at half-price to donate to this project.

Prototype in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh - August 2017

Prototype in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh - August 2017