Gloaming Armchair

Our Homer tweed Gloaming is looking greater than ever!  We've upholstered chairs, sofas and stools, plus it's available to buy by the metre.  Made from 100 % Chevriot wool from the Borders, designed and woven at our local tweedmill, just minutes from our Aberfeldy shop - so very proudly Scottish.  The wood is 'Meh' - an Indonesian hardwood.

The colourway for this tweed was inspired by a hilltop walk in that magic hour before night falls.  The muted blue is subtly interwoven with a moorland green and a faint charcoal check.  Magic!

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Materials: Scottish wool (500gm tweed); natural hardwood; foam seat pad

Dimensions: H65cm (seat 46cm),W55cm D82cm

Price: £495

Colourway: Gloaming tweed, woven in Aberfeldy, Perthshire

Visitors to Scotland love it when we explain the meaning of gloaming:  "Twilight...that magical time twixt day and night - when the light is on the verge of disappearing.  Think darkening skies, shadows, and the emergence of twinkling stars." 

Other available colourways..

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