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“Re-loved and Reclaimed”  -  The vintage and reclaimed side of Homer keeps the whole thing dynamic. Vintage effectively means decently old, but not as grand (or expensive) as antique. 

 Whether it is a quirky statement piece or essential period pieces, each of our shops will hold something for you. Our pieces come from far-flung corners of the globe, from India, to Hungary, to France, and all boast their regions rich (sometimes colourful and vibrant) pasts. 

Because of stock turnover, tables, dressers and chairs are constantly on the move between shops or en route to a new home! Here you are able to see most of our furniture stock to entice you to come in for a visit. If you have any queries please call one of our shops - 01887 820802 (Aberfeldy) or 0131 225 3168 (Edinburgh).

Various Kilim Style Stools
Various Boxes
Reproduction Two Seater Sofa
Long Table reclaimed top
Chest of 28 drawers from reclaimed wood
3679 French Desk
3678 Vintage Leather Suitcase
3677 Armchair upholstered in vintage sacking
3659 Coffee grinder
3658 Chopping Block Side Table
3653 Pair of French Bedroom Chairs
3638 Green Coffer
3630 Blue Painted Cupboard
3628 Garage bench
3620 Pine Side Table with draw
3616 Small desk