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“Re-loved and Reclaimed”

 The vintage and reclaimed side of Homer keeps the whole thing dynamic. Vintage effectively means decently old, but not as grand (or expensive) as serious antique. We’ve got to know and trust the folks we buy from and we check for woodworm and spiders!

 Whether it is a quirky statement piece or essential period pieces, each of our three shops will hold something for you. Our pieces come from far-flung corners of the globe, from India, to Hungary, to France, and all boast their regions rich (sometimes colourful and vibrant) pasts. Who do you know who has a coffee table made from a 1920s fairground ride?!

Because of stock turnover, tables, dressers and chairs are constantly on the move between shops or en route to a new home!

Here you are able to see our entire stock of vintage to give you some inspiration, or entice you to come in for a visit. If you have any queries on the one of the pieces you have seen feel free to call one of our shops on either: 01887 820802 or 0131 2253168.

Various pieces of lighting
One World Trading 6 door Sideboard
Industrial Cabinet
Cube cupboard
952 Irish Dresser
814 Art Deco Towel Rail
776 Pigeon-hole pottery stand
711 3-tiered wooden trolley
683 Tall Display Trolley
3516/3517 Repro French Grey Linen Sofa
3323 White Hungarian Cupboard
3311 French Arm Chair
3140 Indian Shelf Unit
3110 Louis Dressing Table
3031 Wide Blue Cabinet Sliding Doors
2944 Dresser with open shelves
2908 Welsh Cattle Manager
2551 Reclaimed Timber and Iron Bench
2423 Large Wooden Chest
2362 Cabinet made from reclaimed 1920's timber