Green Cleaning Kit

Green Cleaning Kit



Ideal wedding or anniversary gift:

A hand-made goats hair dusting brush, a cardboard dustpan, an organic knitted cotton hand towel, a cotton dishcloth, a pot scrubber made from natural broom root, a sponge pad made from cellulose, a wooden and natural bristle nail brush, a lambs wool and wood duster, an olive oil soap bar (ideal for stains) a hand soap dispenser - Thyme and Dill scent - (can also be used for general cleaning) - a tube of black soap (olive oil) cleaning paste - all presented in an enamel pail

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Cleanliness is apparently good for the soul - so it is worth embracing the necessity of the task and buckling down to business. Having nice things to clean with, which are non-toxic, look good and smell nice, will make it a more attractive proposition. We chose pieces that are traditionally made to endure.