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Our 'lounges' feature sumptious throws and cushions, which can set the decorative tone of your own rooms.  Our tweeds and woollen knits come from a number of sources, including Glaswegian designer, 'Mini McGhee', whose stripey blankets have become highly sought after.  No lounge is complete without a drinks cabinet.  While we don't stock the booze we stock classic glasses to serve up cocktails, champagne, wines and whiskies.

Our vintage furniture is an eclectic mix.  Mixing styles can work and we hope our displays prove the point.  This approach has the advantage that your furniture collection grows with you, spanning the different phases of your homemaking, from student acquisitions and make-dos, to the more costly mid-life purchases.

Your home should tell your story.  That's what make it unique.  An antidote to bland uniformity!

Tweeds and woollen knits help to make your lounge feel warm and inviting - bringing tone and texture.  We source from various suppliers, at different price points, and, again, we recommend mixing brands to lend interest and stop your look feeling at all predictable.

Alpaca - Brown
Alpaca - Chocolate

Alpaca - Charcoal
Alpaca - Red

Alpaca - Brown Herringbone
Alpaca - Camel Check

Shetland Natural - Herringbone
Shetland Natural - Windowpane

Shetland Natural - Huntingtower
Shetland Natural - Skye Check

Shetland Natural - Spot Check
Shetland Grape - Herringbone

Shetland Grape - Windowpane
Shetland Grape - Huntingtower

Shetland Grape - Skye Check
Shetland Grey - Herringbone

Shetland Grey - Windowpane
Shetland Grey - Huntingtower

Shetland Grey - Skye Check
Natural Collection - Brown Herringbone

Natural Collection - Grey Herringbone
Natural Collection - Grey Blockcheck

Natural Collection - Giant Windowpane Brown
Natural Collection - Brown Windowpane

Natural Collection - Grey Windowpane
Bronte Natural - Checkboard

Bronte Natural - Herringbone
Bronte Natural - Houndstooth

Bronte Natural - York Check
Multicoloured Lambswool - Windowpane Charcoal

Multicoloured Lambswool - Multi Spot Charcoal
Chalet - Red Massif

Chalet - Red Skye Check
Chalet - Old Gold Skye Check

Chalet - Lavender Whistler
Chalet - Lavender Skye Check

Heather Check - Blue
Heather Check - Plum

Heather Check - Natural
Heather Check - Apple

Skye & House Check - House Check
Skye & House Check - Skye Caramel

Skye & House Check - Skye Cocoa