Homer is a homeware and lifestyle brand, with stores based in Aberfeldy and Edinburgh.
Each piece is handpicked by owners Jayne and Kevin

Homer is about creating happy home spaces, with vintage (and new) furniture, quirky accessories and a range of soft furnishings to complement your look. 

We started running Homer in Aberfeldy some eight years ago, and following its success opened another branch in Edinburgh. The business works happily in tandem with the Watermill next door, so customers will see ourselves and staff flitting between the two, guiding customers around the labyrinth and plugging gaps at lunchtime!  

When I was little I made dens - indoors and out.  I also drew elaborate, house plans  - with extensive playrooms. Fast forward fifty years and I'm still that person, arranging, rearranging, and building dens. The look, and feel of things has always driven me to find 'the right thing' for a space. Consciously or not, many of you will likewise be on that same hunt.  I hope that my leg work, sourcing from far and wide, will help you find your 'right thing'. ~ Jayne Ramage 

We handpick our products

Interior Design

Our Locations

Each piece is lovingly sourced. We work with designers and commission small runs. We also have a good eye for a bargain and scout the trade fairs to find good things at low prices in the volume market. 

At Homer, the thing we really want to do is to help you to pick furniture and furnishing for your home that make it yours. Everything we sell is handpicked by us, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

We are delighted to now offer an interior design service for our customers.  This can be structured to your needs - anything from a light touch helping hand, and tentative advice, to a full-blown sourcing and installation role, collaborating with architects to present you with a finished home.  Costs vary in line with the work involved but we are happy to sit down with you in the first instance and establish guiding principles.

We’re really proud of our stores, whenever you visit you’re sure to find something new – our vintage furniture range always changes and we launch new ranges of furnishings, rugs, throws, lamps each season.

Homer in Aberfeldy sits alongside the Watermill bookstore and art gallery (also owned by Jayne and Kevin). It is an old stone building, in a tranquil, natural environment. Homer in Edinburgh is in a very different environment, just off the busy Queen Street. For us, this sense of place is an important part of the shopping experience



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