New Season - Autumn 2018

Every Season has its own narrative - this Autumn is a twist on the familiar : Goldilocks (of the Three Bears) in sisterhood with Little Red Riding Hood - both girls who test, challenge and assert themselves.

Why so? Well, for a start, as our furniture range grows we have customers who come in, and quite rightly sit on everything until they settle in to their perfect match. And for porridge lovers, we have bowls aplenty. As for the Three Little Bears - well may be that’s the staff team! We won’t look too crestfallen when you walk out with our favourite chairs but we might not let you fall asleep in them, (at least not after closing time).

This Autumn, Goldilocks is setting her own trend - weathered ‘gold’ (generally speaking brass) is in abundance this season - bringing warmth to our home interiors, eg brass lanterns, candlesticks, and curios. Reds and russet greens, and wicker baskets for going a-visiting - Little Red Riding Hood is also on manoeuvres. Velvety reds, evidenced throughout the shop, herald Winter and inject some of that wee girl’s fiery passion into every Granny’s parlour.

What about the Big Bad Wolf? Without naming names, we suspect he advertises on the internet, doesn’t pay taxes and isn’t always quite what he seems … Beware of online shopping - 2D images can and often do lie. Mr Wolf is happy to take a best-side selfie in Granny’s nightie. So pay Homer a visit, test our integrity and check out our products from every angle! In the meantime, to whet your appetite,, please scroll images below

Jayne and the Homer Team, September 2018