Needing some inspiration for decorating your tree ... whether it's real or artificial, here at Homer we've got some ideas to help spice up your spruce!

Our approach ...

Sophisticated - vintaged recycled glass baubles in forest greens, matt reds, and amber brown.  In 'onion' globes, cubist diamonds and garlands of precious silvered opals.  A grown-up look to say serious understated style.  Allow the green of the fir branches some open space.  Don't overdeck - this approach to Christmas is more zen than tinseltown bling.  Hold your nerve and make a virtue of less but more lovely.

Woodland : create a magical forest in your front room to make family and friends smile.  The Woodland tree will enchant with its hint of silvanian mystery.  Encourage timid squirrels, bunnies, deer and birds to poke their heads, fur and feathers through the branches.  Hang up some of our wooden toadstools and cast the spell of Christmasses past and those to come.  Intersperse with birch bark shapes and twig stars.  Pile up logs around the base and prop up one or two books of classic folk tales, ready to keep little visitors entertained.

Viking Tree : Adorn your tree with our bronze and vintaged copper decorations.  Plait some silver thread with hemp twine to make an interesting garland.  Use natural jute to tie cones to the branches.  Repeatedly weave the word 'Hygge' into conversation with your guests, while you drink your glug wine, and be happy to know that you're bang on trend.  Have candles in close, but not too close, proximity.

The Christmas Medley Tree : if you're the average Christmas reveller, you buy one or two decorations a year and add them to your pick-n-mix assortment.  Your tree will be an all-embracing, something for everyone offering, and none the worse for it!  Visit us at Homer and buy something that makes you smile.  If you like a touch of the odd and unlikely, we still have one or two glass octopuses in our Edinburgh branch.   



Carolynne Alexander