Crisp air, falling leaves, the changing of the seasons

Damp mornings, a favourite hat, leaves-a-blaze
lamb hotpots and apple crumble
fires laid in, early nightfall

Stags determine strength and stamina
Squirrels dart about - stockpiling acorns

A sense that this is it, the long run of short days is upon us

There is a time for every season
Turn, turn.


The last vestige of summer is long gone and forgotten.  Autumn stirs the soul - so, joint effort: here at Homer we wrote a poem!  (see above)

Talking about the Team, us Homer-people love this time of year.  The beep-beep-beep of delivery lorries, heralding more stock.  The huff-n-puff of shifting and lifting boxes, battles with the price guns, indignant searches for cutters and paperwork.  The art of display and clash of creative egos as a goes to b, moves to c, and back to a again.  We unfold retail narratives, we tweak, primp and plump, we stand back, scrutinise, dust and open up the door. We work hard for your shopping pleasure! 


Bring some autumnal ideas into your home:                                

  • Stag ‘horn’ candleholders £30-£45
  • Stag copper decoration £6                                                                                 
  • Stag cast iron hooks £18
  • Stag brass bookmarks £7.50
  • Stag lambs wool socks £18
  • Squirrel houses £32
  • Felt squirrels £5
  • Felt acorn decorations £3
  • Wooden mushroom decoration £4-£7
  • Squirrel tea towel £5
  • Fireside sets £110- £140
  • Coal skuttle £13
  • Canvas log carriers £24
  • Log baskets in various sizes